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Welcome to moonxknight, another sharing community on Livejournal. Mostly dedicated to the Asian fandom, a range of music, videos, movies and reviews can be found here.

01. DO NOT hotlink or share links, especially items which have been ripped from the original DVD or CD. Instead, please direct people to the community instead.
02. Let's keep this community friendly! Please refrain from bashing artists or other's opinions. Structured criticism are welcome.
03. Support the artists/actors/makers! Everything on this community are for sampling purposes, so if you like what you hear/see we encourage you to buy the original merchandise. Some online stores available to purchase products include Yesasia, DVDHeaven and Amazon
:: bias adoration towards ;;
news - maki horikita - park yoo chun - shinee - 2pm - 2am - jang geun suk - kim hye sung - smw
:: addicted to many jk doramas & movies
:: music is the quack||

sananess (n_ics)
Nickname: sana.
Music: Anything really, but I'm a huge ballad lover. Always have and always will be. Park Hyo Shin is my ultimate bias.
Interesting Fact? I'm a fan of Odagiri Joe and Oguri Shun. My goal is to watch all of their subbed movies and dramas.

moonxknight will probably be on hiatus in 2010 due to the fact that it's the maintainers' last year of HS. Obviously we want to go to college/TAFE etc.

NOTE: sananess upload songs on albums/singles individually (instrumentals are not uploaded unless requested)(Like on n_ics). kloven will upload albums/singles/movies in .zip/.rar.

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